January's Dog Mom Monday!

Dog Mom Monday

Today we are featuring Erin and her Golden, Karen!

Erin is a homebody and loves doing puzzles or home decor! She loves drinking white chocolate mocha and has recently started trying matcha drinks. 

She is addicted to Marshall's and TJMaxx, but Target always comes out ahead! (Who doesn't love Target?) 

A couple fun facts about Erin...

Favorite Fast Food: Chick Fil-A or Papa Johns

Favorite TV Show: Bachelor/Bachelorette

Favorite Candy: Gummies

Favorite Podcast: Serial 

If you aren't already following Karen on Instagram, you will get a daily dose of Happiness in your life! Pure positivity coming from their feed. If you would like to add them, go follow @karensgoldenlife 

If you would like to be feature on our Dog Mom Monday blog/feed, please fill out the form and a random account is selected! It's just for fun and to help us get to know the mom behind the Pup!! 



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